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leap motion vs oculus rift. is there where facebook buys them out too?

script’s reinvention of the album for the digital age



Interactive installation is grid of transparent LCDs which display halftone and circular patterns whose display can emulate it’s viewers. A week ago, I covered a New Media exhibition in Seoul called ‘The Da Vinci Ideas Exhibition’ and was intrigued by this piece, hoping there would be a video of it. Well, the brilliant Creative Applications discovered it, which you can watch in the embed below:

Created by Korena collective HYBE, IRIS is a media canvas with matrix of conventional information display technology, that is a monochrome LCD.Through the phased opening and closing of circular black liquid crystal, IRIS can create various patterns and control the amount (size) of passing lights.

More Info and images can be found at Creative Applications here


Google Cardboard DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for $8.99 / 7,15€

Not sure why I’m receiving the newsletter from them (my filters are deleting them instantly). But this one grabbed my attention. Insofar because it’s high-low-tech from Google, a #DealExtremeFuture (this one will ship from China) and I didn’t see them up to this point in shops. If you want to make your own, download the cardboard design files here for free.

These DIY Google virtual reality glasses, made of cardboard and resin lens, are specially designed for iPhone, Google Nexus 6 & Samsung Mobile Phones. With Cardboard App, it’s easy to install and operate.
High quality with reasonable price
Can be installed within 3 minutes
Comes with Cardboard App, very easy to DIY a virtual reality glasses, such as Oculus Rift VR glasses
Can control your phone with the magnets
Supports LR format besides the usual video format
Compatible with 4-7 inch screen cellphone
General Specs
Type DIY Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Material Cardboard + Resin Lens Compatibility iPhone, Google Nexus 6 & Samsung Mobile Phones, and other brand phones with 4-7 inches screen
Package Details
Weight: 107.00 g
Size: 13*8*8 cm
Package Includes
1 x Cardboard,1 x Rubber band,2 x Magnets ( d=2cm),2 x Lens (d=2.3cm),2 x Pairs of Velcros

[Get them here] [Download the files from google]

intellipaper and swivelcard sound like generic sales pitch terminology and usb business cards aren’t new but the remote access capability of these cards is a real step forward, that and the built in analytics and what looks like a rewardingly tactile product is probably why it has more than 4 times it’s target kickstarter goal of $10k with 30 days still to go.

An interesting product but with so many features similar or already present in existing tech like kinect or leap motion we’ll have to see how ractiv’s touch+ fares in the marketplace.

Microsoft’s first person hyperlapse technology. 

Bio-likeness: the feel of our robotic future

Fitle gives users a 3D avatar of themselves for virtually trying on clothes

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