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Rip Curl: World First GPS Surf Tracking Device
"a multi-platform digital ecosystem and waterproof GPS Surf Watch that allows surfers to find, capture and re-live their perfect waves, anywhere in the world. It’s powered by Facebook Connect, and lets surfers log all their sessions, challenge friends, create surf clubs, protect secret spots, track their fastest waves, longest waves, how far they’ve paddled… And ultimately, share their stats on Facebook.”

MIT’s Playful System’s “stalker” app 20 Day Stranger just because


Spotify by the numbers

With the launch of Spotify Artists, the company also revealed some new numbers on the current state of the streaming service.

  • Spotify has now paid out a total of more than $1 Billion USD in royalties to-date, out of which US$ 500 million was paid in 2013.
  • As of March 2013, Spotify had over 24 million global users. 18 million of them were using the free service and 6 million were using the premium service.
  • The average Spotify user is currently worth approximately US$ 41 annually. Counting backwards gives us that a free user is worth approximately US$ 14.66 per year and a premium user is worth $ 120 per year. Free users pay for their consumption by viewing and listening to advertising.

In other words, a premium user is worth over 8 times more than a free user. And even though premium users just make up for 25% of the total number of users, they generate 73% of the total revenues.

Hointer… bot powered shopping. Get measured up as you go in store, scan the bar codes of clothes you like, go to the changing room where everything is sent in your size via chute

wired review

Thirsty Bear, part of the Robot Pub Group, order a beer using your phone or the ipad on your table and then our it yourself from the pump at the end of your table 

watsi - directly fund low-cost, high impact medical care for people in need… 100% of donations fund patient care

Cool interactive from History Channel


Download our new iPad app celebrating 50 years of the National Theatre with an exclusive window into the archive.

Focusing on 50 seminal productions, it includes hundreds of production and rehearsal photographs, exclusive video content, costume and set designs, and much more.

facehawker… shame the execution is not as interesting as the concept

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